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We’re going to China!

Wooohooo!  Travel Approval is here!  I got a call earlier with a 512 area code; Great Wall China Adoption is in Texas.  My heart skipped a beat and then my excitement was confirmed.  A bit unexpected since TA is supposed to take 3-8 weeks and our paperwork went to CCCWA last Friday.  Good thing I’ve been feeling the pressure to do some early prep-work.  We could be travelling as early as July 11th, since our consulate appointment is being requested for July 25th.  If we don’t get that appointment we’ll be travelling the 18th or the 25th.  So we will definitely be getting our Christmas in July!

I immediately burst into song:

and then Julia did too 🙂



News from China!

Rhodes family-Yang Yu Zhen photos2 Rhodes family-Yang Yu Zhen photos3

It was so fun to receive an update on our little cutie yesterday!  She looks like she’s growing every day!  Here are a few things we now know about Olivia.  She’s 89 cm tall – I’ll make you do your own math!  🙂  I compared that to Julia’s marks on the wall and she’s about as tall as Julia was when she turned 3.  (Olivia turned 2 in March).  She’s 28 lbs, so I’ll be working on those biceps for the next month!

She’s a healthy eater and sleeper (ha, my new baby sleeps through the night!) and naps for 2 hours during the day.  She seems to be able to do almost anything with her hands and doesn’t need any special help.  She’s walking well and won’t need special shoes.

Phil may finally have a mini-me personality-wise.  Julia and Rion are showing strong tendencies of my personality.  (I’m sure the stubborn part of Rion is all Phil though).  Julia’s competitive spirit is alive and well just like mine.  And just to prove that he’s MY son Rion started organizing my very-well-organized pantry yesterday!  🙂  Olivia is apparently much more reserved.  She likes to watch and observe before she gets involved.  They said “she needs time to adapt and understand the stranger” and “she will be very quiet in a strange environment”.  I liked how they described what makes her happy (because it shows how they loved her in the foster home): “Combing her beautiful hair and praise her.  Putting on new clothes sent by her parents will also make her happy and proud.”  I think God knows we needed another quiet person around here.  Of course, I know that won’t always be the case, and we can’t wait to hear three sets of giggles and shouts in our house!


Fundraising Update


I bet you’re all wondering how our fundraising efforts are progressing. So far, we’ve raised $8,615 towards Olivia’s adoption. Thank you to all our generous friends, family and others who’ve purchased Amazon items through our link, purchased t-shirts, or just donated. We only have about one more month to raise funds because we’re expecting to travel to China in very early July.  Plus, I’ve been “fundraising” at work too.  One of my good clients sent me several projects during May, and I’ve been putting in more billable hours, a lawyer’s best friend, as a result.  So, that’s why we haven’t written as many blog posts in the last few weeks.

You can help us adopt Olivia by

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Thanks for your help in bringing little Olivia Jade home!