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A Mother’s Choice in China

Can you imagine the heartbreak of having a child with a medical need that no one would treat?  Maybe one that would kill your baby?  It’s already so sad to see families in the U.S. struggling through the pain of their children’s illnesses, but at least we can usually trust that they are being cared for as much as is humanly possible.

For many rural Chinese families whose income may be less than $1,000 per year, expensive treatments are just not a financial option.  Medical costs in China have gone up dramatically in the past few years.  Tragically this impossible dilemma often leads to the abandonment of medically frail babies!  No mother should ever have to leave her child at an orphanage in the hopes that it would give him his only possible chance at survival.


An intestinal malformation surgery like Chen Ze (shown in the photo) needs will cost about $3200, depending on the province and hospital.  A heart surgery, depending on the severity, can be around $10,000. A cleft lip or palate surgery would cost around $1500.

The Love Without Boundaries Unity Fund helps families meet these needs by committing to raise a portion of their total bill.  The family will usually also look to friends and extended family for help, along with other charities.  So far our Mother’s Day fundraiser has raised over $800 through the sale of our “Love Crosses Oceans” t-shirts (which you can purchase here).  Thank you so much to all our wonderful friends who have helped little ones like Chen Ze!  We are so grateful to be a part of changing the life of at least one little one in China!

Update:  Our final total was $1,505 raised for Love Without Boundaries!  Thank you everyone!!!