About Us

Wedding Best - Copy (2)We’re Phil and Tricia, and we live in beautiful Northern California.  We’ve been married for ten years, and we’ve popped out adopted two kids so far.  We met each other late, and we got married at 38 and 40.  (You guess who’s older – and you’d better guess Phil!)

Even when we were dating, Tricia wanted to adopt a little girl from China.  She’d see a Chinese girl with her adoptive parents, get all teary-eyed, and start talking to the girl’s parents.  Me?  I wasn’t against adoption, and I thought, sure, we can adopt a girl from China someday if you really want.

Just a week or two before I proposed, Tricia and I went to a Mercy Me/Steven Curtis Chapman concert.  Of course, Chapman gave his adoption presentation during intermission.  It was different this time, though.  It really got me.  God might as well have been whispering in my ear.  “Phil, yes, I want you and Tricia  to adopt from China.”

We married six months later in June 2006.  Like any good married couple, we gave the, uh, old-fashioned method of producing children our best efforts.  We both wanted biological children too, but we knew getting married that time wasn’t on our side.  Over a year passed and we found an adoption agency program where we thought we could adopt from Kyrgyzstan immediately and submit an infant adoption application to China.

A year later, we received a referral of a four month old little boy from Kyrgyzstan.  We thought we’d be able to travel to Kyrgyzstan in late 2008 to adopt him.  But, weeks of waiting for the word to travel to Kyrgyzstan turned into months.  Likewise, the wait for an infant adoption from China seemed to grow longer each month.  In June 2009, Tricia took a look at the China waiting children list where we saw Julia’s listing and we knew she was meant to be ours.  This started our adoption journeys, and we have never looked back.

We started this site in 2013 when we were pursuing the adoption of our third child.  Our kids are now 9, 7, and 5, and are the joys of our lives!  We are constantly reminded of the millions of children around the world who still hope to have a family of their own.  God has especially placed the children of China on our hearts and we try to spread the word about the miracle of adoption as well as find ways to help these wonderful kids.  Some of our favorite organizations that help are Love Without Boundaries, OneSky, and Show Hope.  We are currently raising funds to support them with our T-shirt sales.