Fundraising Update


I bet you’re all wondering how our fundraising efforts are progressing. So far, we’ve raised $8,615 towards Olivia’s adoption. Thank you to all our generous friends, family and others who’ve purchased Amazon items through our link, purchased t-shirts, or just donated. We only have about one more month to raise funds because we’re expecting to travel to China in very early July.  Plus, I’ve been “fundraising” at work too.  One of my good clients sent me several projects during May, and I’ve been putting in more billable hours, a lawyer’s best friend, as a result.  So, that’s why we haven’t written as many blog posts in the last few weeks.

You can help us adopt Olivia by

1)   Purchasing items from Amazon through our link:

2)   Purchasing our t-shirt on this page:

3)  Donating a tax-deductible amount through our Adopt Together link:

Thanks for your help in bringing little Olivia Jade home!