Immigration Approval for Olivia? Check.

hannah 03 12.jpgThings are moving quickly now!  Remember, we just got our official referral from China on April 22.  Friday, we got our official US immigration approval to bring Olivia home.   Now, we’re just waiting for travel approval from the Chinese government, our U.S. consulate appointment, and our visas.  We could travel as soon as 8 weeks from now at the beginning of July!  Yikes.

We are all so excited about traveling to China and meeting Olivia for the first time.  The closer we get, the more I remember going to China to adopt Julia and Rion.  We’re just full of so much nervous anticipation.  We just have no idea how Olivia will react to suddenly being thrust in the arms of two big white people and their two Chinese kids that speak a funny language.  She’s a few months older than two, so she has quite a bit of awareness.

With Julia, she was a little teary and fearful during the first 36 hours.  But, after that she quickly warmed up and started showing us a little more of her fun, silly personality each day.  She’d lived in a foster home for quite awhile, so she understood living as part of a family.  With Rion, we had a much rougher time.  Or, he did.  He lived with a foster family for almost 3 years.  With Olivia, we just don’t know.  Every kid is different.  We hope and fray that we can ease her fears quickly and welcome her to our family with a whole lotta love.