Overjoyed! We Have Our Official Referral!

032-Yang Yu Zhen2At long last, we received our official referral from the Chinese government Monday formally approving our adoption of Olivia!  We were so excited.  Tricia called me at work mid-morning right after she got a call from Great Wall.  We could hardly contain ourselves knowing we’re getting closer to being Olivia’s parents.  At this point, the waiting is harder the closer we get to our departure date.

For those unfamiliar with the Chinese adoption system, this is really the last big hurdle.  It’s somewhat downhill from here, although it still takes a bit of time.  We need U.S. immigration approval to adopt Olivia specifically.  (We have general U.S. immigration approval to adopt internationally.)  Then, we need approval to travel from the Chinese government.  Finally, we need an appointment with the U.S. consulate in Guangzhou.  Then, we can purchase our plane tickets, get our visas, and we’re off to China!

We’ve been doing things around the house to get ready.  Trish put her engineering degree to good use and assembled the bunk bed we bought for her and Julia to share.  Tricia’s found a third car seat.  We’ve been spending a couple evenings a week learning Mandarin with Rosetta Stone.  (“Zhe ge nu hai zi you yige jiating” which means “This girl has a family.”)  We’ve got a long way to go though.  Mandarin is a tough language.

Honestly, we get more and more anxious as we get closer.  Olivia’s living situation right now is as good as it gets for an orphan.  But, she doesn’t have a family.  The four of us just want to hug her, hold her close and show her how much we all love her.  We can’t wait to make her part of our family!


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