Day One – Beijing

Despite the flight and a lack of sleep yesterday, we went on a very full day tour of Bejing.  We went to the Great Wall at Mutianyu.  (There are about … [Continue reading]

Prayer time for Olivia and our family

We just got notice that Olivia has left her foster home “The House of Love” to go back to her orphanage in Fuyang.  Her transition to her forever … [Continue reading]

Health Care in China

We are not getting sick in China.  Thankfully, Tricia's been three times and I've been twice now.  Neither of us have really had any health issues in … [Continue reading]

We’re going to China!

Wooohooo!  Travel Approval is here!  I got a call earlier with a 512 area code; Great Wall China Adoption is in Texas.  My heart skipped a beat and … [Continue reading]

News from China!

It was so fun to receive an update on our little cutie yesterday!  She looks like she's growing every day!  Here are a few things we now know about … [Continue reading]

Fundraising Update

I bet you're all wondering how our fundraising efforts are progressing. So far, we've raised $8,615 towards Olivia's adoption. Thank you to all our … [Continue reading]

Love Crosses Oceans

They're here!  We're so excited that our fundraising T-shirts have arrived!  Julie Gumm, Phil's sister, did such a great job designing these beautiful … [Continue reading]

You’re Gonna Miss This

This was the scene at the foot of our bed this morning when I left at 6 am.  Then, I heard this song on the radio driving to the office.  It's all … [Continue reading]

Immigration Approval for Olivia? Check.

Things are moving quickly now!  Remember, we just got our official referral from China on April 22.  Friday, we got our official US immigration … [Continue reading]

Overjoyed! We Have Our Official Referral!

At long last, we received our official referral from the Chinese government Monday formally approving our adoption of Olivia!  We were so excited.  … [Continue reading]