On May 5th Phil Rhodes — my beloved husband and daddy to our three young children ages 9, 8 & 6, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Unfortunately due to a liver condition that was diagnosed before he was married, Phil was never able to obtain life insurance. We appreciate your prayers … [Continue reading]

OneSky and the Left-Behind Children of China

My heart breaks for the small children of China who are left behind by their migrant parents. I'm sure the parents' hearts break as well, but China is often a hard place. Life is hard and there are no good answers for many families. Thankfully, OneSky is working hard to make a difference in these … [Continue reading]

A Mother’s Choice in China

Can you imagine the heartbreak of having a child with a medical need that no one would treat?  Maybe one that would kill your baby?  It's already so … [Continue reading]

Help a Mother Across the Oceans for Mother’s Day

In honor of Mother’s Day, please join me to help mothers in China that have children with serious medical needs keep their families … [Continue reading]

A Little More Family….in China

One of the highlights of our trip to China was growing our family, not just in the obvious way by adopting Olivia, but by adding Julia's foster … [Continue reading]

Love Crosses Oceans T-shirts

Wow, this fundraising thing was an be continued!  It turns out that purchasing a large amount of shirts has resulted in a small amount … [Continue reading]

Chinese Culture

After three trips to China (four for me), reading a number of books about China written by Chinese authors as well as our favorite American in … [Continue reading]

It’s A Rollercoaster Ride For Sure

We've now had Olivia in our family for 7 days. It's a bit hard to explain how the transition is going. Moment to moment it's sweet, crazy, sad, funny, … [Continue reading]

Day 5? 6? 7? – We’ve Lost Track

As much as any place, Guangzhou feels like home to us in China. We've stayed here, in three different hotels, a total of about four weeks over the … [Continue reading]

Day 3 (and 4) – Introducing Olivia Jade!

After a good night's sleep in Hefei, the capital of Anhui province where Olivia was born, we went to the civil affairs office. Trish and I waited with … [Continue reading]