Julia Reagan

Our first adoption Julia is our oldest child.  She was born in August 2007, and we adopted her from Guanghzhou, China in October 2009.  She had lived with foster parents for most of her life, and she’d been put back in the social welfare institute a month or two before we arrived in China.  For the first day, even though Julia hardly cried, she was one sad and scared little girl.  The second day, however, she gave us a few small smiles in our hotel room.  The third day she was laughing and playing with us.  For the rest of our two weeks in China, she blossomed and more and more of her spunky little personality showed up each day.  We were so in love with this little girl that we couldn’t get enough of her.  Our first adoption was a smooth one!

Now, more than three years later, Julia will turn six in August and start school!  She has adjusted beautifully.  She’s smart as a whip, and shows a little bit of artistic talent.  She loves swimming and gymnastics and has tons of energy. Most of all she is a sweet and compassionate little girl with a great heart.  She loves Jesus, her family, and living each day to the fullest. She dotes on her little brother, and we love to listen in on the hours and hours they spend playing together each day, mostly peacefully.  She can’t wait to go to China again and adopt Olivia so she can have a little sister too.

We love the name Julia, but it holds special meaning because “Jia” in Chinese can mean beautiful or family.  It was fun to hear Julia say her own name as “Jia” when she was three.  Her middle name Reagan is in honor of President Reagan and we hope that she will learn to value some of the ideals that he held and that have made our country “that shining city on a hill”.