Rion Nathaniel

img_0050_0We adopted Rion from Taiyuan in the Shanxi Province of China in May 2012.  He was just over 3 years old and had lived in one foster home since he was an infant.  We all had a rather challenging transition process during the first six months or so.

Now Rion is a happy part of our family!  He lives life with unbridled enthusiasm, jumping off anything he can find to get him airborn!  He loves to cuddle and kiss and share affection.  He is Julia’s best friend and playmate, always up for a fun new game of pretend or adventure.  Our social worker promised us that the positive side of stubbornness is determination and perseverence and he has those in spades.  We are so fortunate to get to be Rion’s parents!

Rion is named after his Opa (grandfather) James “Rion” Ervin.  We are happy that such a fun-loving, smart little boy gets to carry on his name.  His middle name Nathaniel comes from his YeYe (paternal grandfather in Chinese) Nathaniel Holman Rhodes.