Happy Birthday Olivia Jade!

Today in China there is a little girl celebrating her second birthday.  We have already grown to love her and very soon, she will be ours, so we wanted to introduce her to you.  This is Olivia Jade (aka Hannah), and she currently lives at the very aptly named House of Love in Guilin, China.

Happy Birthday Olivia!  We’re coming for you!

We hope that along with a little party with her friends in her foster home, that she is getting a very special gift.  She has probably already opened her presents, including a little “Olivia” doll, because that’s going to be her name, a recorded book with some voices she doesn’t know yet, and most importantly a photo album full of pictures of her new family: her sister Julia, her brother Rion, her daddy, and ME, her mommy!  If you’d like to help celebrate her birthday, you can help us give her the best present ever, a forever family, by making a tax-deductible gift to her adoption fund.


The “Olivia” doll is of her literary and television namesake OLIVIA.  Isn’t it great to have your own theme song?

This will be the first time she sees her new family.  Perhaps it will be the first time she’s even told about that she has a new family.  We sure wish we could be a fly on the wall.  In this scene, Olivia’s friend Lydia recently saw her family for the first time, and you get to see the beautiful place, Guilin, where Olivia is being fostered.  Olivia’s other little friend Emmie also recently found out about her family!