Health Care in China

We are not getting sick in China.  Thankfully, Tricia’s been three times and I’ve been twice now.  Neither of us have really had any health issues in China, and our digestive systems have handled somewhat adventurous eating fine.  So, knock on wood.

We know a couple (through the magic of Al Gore’s internet) that’s adopting a Chinese girl about Olivia Jade’s age that also lived at the House of Love with Olivia.  They’re arrived home from China just recently, and she’s been recounting their China adoption trip on her blog.  While there, she had a health issue that required a hospital visit in Nanning, China, a city of more than 6 million people.  Here’s her story about her hospital visit.  It was quite a bit different from a U.S. hospital.  But, it seems the prescribed treatment cured the problem.  And, the price was right–$80 for the hospital, the doctor and several medications.