Help a Mother Across the Oceans for Mother’s Day

Chinese Mother and babyIn honor of Mother’s Day, please join me to help mothers in China that have children with serious medical needs keep their families together!

Adoption is beautiful and amazing.  It fills hearts and makes dreams come true.  But when you pause and think, adoption comes from a place of pain and loss.  Always, the child has suffered the loss of its biological parents.  Often, the biological parents have endured pain and suffering of their own choosing, sometimes, a life-saving choice for the child.

Having adopted from China, we’ve learned that the biological parents of our children may have wanted more than anything to keep them, raise them, and love them.  It is so sad to imagine what might have led these women to walk away from their beautiful babies.

According to Love Without Boundaries,

Family after family… told us they had considered leaving their babies at the orphanage so that their children might receive medical care. It was then that we realized that by providing medical care to families living in poverty, we could possibly prevent children from becoming orphaned. What an amazing thought that was!

Since that time it has been LWB’s honor to help many families stay united with the children they love so dearly. We have provided heart, spinal, and cleft surgeries to families who would otherwise face the difficult decision of how to get the medical care needed by their children. It is truly humbling to think that we have played a part in keeping families together, and it is our dream to help many more rural families with medical care in the future.”

Read more about Love Without Boundaries’ Unity Fund here.

You can help today in two ways:

  1. Make a donation through our link at
  2. Buy one of our “Love Crosses Oceans” T-shirts at  We will donate $5 for each T-shirt sold between now and the end of May to the LWB Unity fund!

UPDATE: We raised $1,505 for Love Without Boundaries.  Thank you everyone!!!