Love Crosses Oceans

They’re here!  We’re so excited that our fundraising T-shirts have arrived!  Julie Gumm, Phil’s sister, did such a great job designing these beautiful shirts. We’re still taking orders and will be ordering a second batch very soon.  It has been fun to see who’s buying these.

Some friends and family have ordered shirts mostly because of their support of Olivia’s adoption.  Others have bought them because of their own adoption connections to China and Africa (yes, we have two designs).  One lady saw our link on Facebook and bought one because she herself was adopted from Africa.  I love that the shirts say adoption to us, but to others they might be about their passion for missions or maybe sponsored children through Compassion International or World Vision.

DSC_0096Julia and Rion can’t wait to wear their shirts in China and see Olivia in hers too.  🙂  You can buy yours here.


  1. Hi! I just wanted to say we love your shirts! We are currently fundraising for our own adoption through China (and are doing a tee fundraiser also), but if we free up any funds, we’ll purchase some! 🙂