Olivia Jade

023-1353389609507 This was our first picture of Olivia at almost 2 years old!

Olivia was born in 2011 and came home to us in 2013.  She is a sweet little girl, full of determination.  She’s now in Kindergarten and is an avid swimmer, gymnast, silly girl, and ninja twin to her brother Rion.

What a miracle to find our Olivia!  We had no idea that we’d be jumping into another adoption so soon.  As soon as we saw her sweet face, we knew she was meant to be ours.  Olivia was born with Amniotic Banding so she’s missing 2 fingers on one hand and 3 on the other.  The Amniotic Banding also affected her feet.  She had a clubbed foot, which is now repaired, and not-quite-developed toes.

Soon after accepting her referral, we found out that Love Without Boundaries sponsors clubbed foot casting in Guilin, China, where she was being treated.  We confirmed that she was in their program.  Then, we found out that she was being cared for at the House of Love through An Orphan’s Wish.  It was an amazing thing to go from just a few grainy pictures of our little girl and then find their website, blog, and Facebook page loaded with gorgeous pictures and stories about her.  We were even able to sponsor her and get monthly updates until we had her in our arms!

Timeline for Olivia’s Adoption

November 28, 2012 – Received Olivia’s file

December 12 – Received updated information on Olivia

December 17 – Accepted referral of Olivia – LOI to GWCA

December 27 – PA arrived (normally 2-4 weeks, ours took 8 days)

January 7 – Received completed home study

January 28 – I-797 Approval

February 22 – Dossier sent to China!

February 26 – LID (Dossier Logged in to China)

April 15 – Letter Seeking Confirmation from Adopter

May 3 – I-800 Approval

May 10 – Package sent to China

May 18 – Received NVC Letter

June 7 – Article 5 picked up

June 14 – Article 5 delivered to CCCWA

June 21 – Received Travel Approval

July 18 – Depart for China

July 22, 2013 – Gotcha Day!