Our First Adoption


October 12, 2009.  We sat in a room, decorated in red and black and white.  We were surrounded by couples and families.  We, like the other couples, looked around anxiously, hardly able to contain our emotions.  It was probably not the maternity ward most of you experienced.  No labor pains.  Those had taken place in the months and even years leading up to that day.  But tears and smiles from moms and dads.  And yes, crying, very loud crying from babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers.  Most of the parents were Americans.  All of the little girls and boys were Chinese, and their lives were suddenly changing in a huge way!

Our guide Simon, walked up to us and said “she’s here”.  We stood up and walked to the middle of the room.  A lady came out of a side door with a tiny little girl walking beside her.  She had a cute little pixie haircut, yellow bunny shoes, black Mickey Mouse pants, and a red and white striped top.  Tears were in her eyes and she looked so scared and sad.  She had no idea that the two people in the world who loved her more than anything were about to hold her for the first time.  That first day, our hearts were full to exploding with love for our sweet little girl, but Julia was sad and scared.  She had already experienced way too many upheavals in her little life and had no idea what this one meant.

But the next morning we got our first shy smiles.  And the morning after that we heard her laugh at us and she burst out of her shell.  This silly little bundle of joy was the child we’d always dreamed of, full of energy, laughter, and love!  Over the past 3 years we’ve watched her blossom into a sweet, smart little girl, who fills our house with her creative and fun energy.  She is kind and compassionate and already shows an amazing understanding about the world around her and the God who loves her.  We couldn’t ever imagine not being her parents.