Olivia’s Safe and Sound Away from the Earthquake

For those who noticed among the Boston news yesterday, there was a 7.0 earthquake in the Sichuan province of China yesterday, as reported in the New … [Continue reading]

The Hardest Decision

Julia asked me to read her a story Saturday afternoon.  She picked The Prince of Egypt, which is based on the Disney movie about the life of Moses.  … [Continue reading]


"I'm ready", Julia said last night when I asked what she wanted to pray for,  "To ask God to come into my heart".  What an amazing Easter gift! We … [Continue reading]

Buy Stuff at Amazon? You Can Help Olivia Jade

Everybody buys stuff at Amazon, don't they?  Personally, I'd be a little afraid to tally up my lifetime of purchases from Amazon.  I've bought … [Continue reading]

We Celebrated Olivia Jade’s Second Birthday!

Monday night we went to our favorite little hole in the wall neighborhood Chinese restaurant to celebrate Olivia's second birthday.  We've actually … [Continue reading]

Happy Birthday Olivia Jade!

Today in China there is a little girl celebrating her second birthday.  We have already grown to love her and very soon, she will be ours, so we … [Continue reading]

Something Beautiful from Loss

I was putting Julia, our oldest adopted, to bed the other night when she asked me, "Baba, when did you come to live with your family."  My heart hurt … [Continue reading]

Logged In!

Today we received a pretty, formal letter from our wonderful adoption agency, Great Wall China Adoption.  The letter gave our log in date with CCCWA, … [Continue reading]

We’re Off to China! Err, Our Dossier Is Anyway

We're triple certified!  We found out yesterday that the Chinese consulate in San Francisco finally authenticated our dossier.  They sent it out … [Continue reading]

How Big is God?

"You don't want a God so small you completely understand Him."  Chris Brown, Pastor, North Coast Church, Vista, California … [Continue reading]