Something Beautiful from Loss


I was putting Julia, our oldest adopted, to bed the other night when she asked me, “Baba, when did you come to live with your family.”  My heart hurt a little as I tried to explain that I had always lived with my family from the day of my birth, because I wasn’t adopted.

We’ve been very open with Julia about her adoption, and we work very hard to put a positive light on it.  Plus, she observed the entire process when we adopted Rion.  But, no matter what I do, Julia’s adoption carries with it the loss and hurt of abandonment and rejection by those who should have cared for her.  In China, it very well may be a societal rejection as well.

I think this post from Michael Monroe offers some beautiful but heartwrenching thoughts about adoption.  He quotes an adult adoptee who reminds us adoptive parents that, “There is no adoption without loss . . . but sometimes adoptive parents tend to forget that.”  Monroe continues to say, “God is not writing a fairy tale with our lives, no matter how much I wish it so.  Instead, He’s writing a real life story that involves real people living in a broken world.  But it is also a story of hope.”